Black Nanny’s Surprise (Seduced By White Men)

Babysitting seemed like an easy way to pay the bills, but it may end up being so much more!

Chloe is a black college student studying child development and quickly running out of money. With only $100 left in her account, she makes a desperate bid for money: babysitting.

After a chance meeting with a rich white man and his daughter, she’s hired immediately, and things seem to go well.

Both Jack and his daughter like Chloe a lot. When Jack comes home and finds the young woman in a compromising position, he realizes he might even like her too much!

If you like interracial, hot nannies, and sexy billionaires you will love this story!



I feel like I’m constantly cringing these days. I look at my bank statements and cringe. I look at my grocery bill and cringe. I look at the books I need to buy for classes and cringe. I received so many scholarships! How did I blow through them so quickly?

Damn, I guess I need to get a job. Except, where’s a black girl supposed to find work that isn’t horribly degrading in this town?

Well I don’t have the time to do a full time job, and no one around town is hiring anyway. I’m down to my last one hundred dollars. The desperate nature of the situation is not lost on me.

Sighing, I walk out of the latest coffee shop that has refused to take my application. I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders as I lean against a telephone pole on the edge of the street. “I really don’t want to take out more loans,” I whine, wiping away a tear. I close my eyes and rub my temples, trying to will away a stress headache.

“I should just go home and put in some applications online,” I say, pushing myself from the pole. I glance at it for a second, looking at the ads that are illegally posted on it. One is for a missing dog, another for a garage sale. Oh, I suppose I could sell my TV…

Below that, though, is a third flier. It’s brand new and seems to glow with opportunity. That’s it! I’ll become a babysitter!

A few hours later, I am finally thankful for that graphic design class I took as I walk down the street, stapling up my fliers on nearly every street corner.

My college town is very well off. You can tell by how few black people are. In most of my classes, I’m the only one.

My dorms are across the street from a huge mansion, owned by some white dude who donates a ton of money to us every year. There are a few other big houses nearby, a lot of well off families making their homes close to the college they want their kids to go to.

So being a babysitter around here could definitely be lucrative. The idea has my heart beating fast- finally, the chance to succeed!

The day is hot, a dry heat that is making my throat sore. And damn it, I forgot to bring a water bottle. I try to ignore it for a while, but the sting in my throat becomes unbearable by the time I see my favorite cafe on the next block.

I toss my weave, dark black Indian hair, over my shoulder and wipe the sweat from my forehead. Stapling one more of my pink fliers, I place the rest in my bag and head into the big double doors of the cafe. The building smells like cinnamon and coffee, and it’s unusually quiet for this time of day. I slide into line behind a man and his daughter, a cute girl that looks around 4.

The man, probably her dad, is trying to keep her under control as she cries and demands a muffin. The few others in the cafe are watching them with disdain, judging the poor guy. She’s kicking and punching him as he tries to pick her up, one of her little fists landing square on his nose.

I watch the scene for a second, but the young girl starts screaming. The shrill sound forces my headache to come back, my face contorting in pain. I bend down next to the girl, trying to remain calm.

“Hey there, little cutie. Why are you crying?”

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