Billionaire Lovers (Blackmail, Scandal, Travel)

Blackmail, Scandal, Travel

The Billionaire’s Passion: Brenda is unlucky in love. She’s so unlucky, in fact, that she’s given up entirely on finding love. A chance meeting with an odd widower, however, changes all of that in an instant.

He’s mourning the loss of his wife years prior, and asks Brenda to accompany him to a fancy dinner to combat his loneliness. A night of amazing food and a shopping spree later, Brenda begins to realize she’s falling in love with the mysterious man. Will they both get what they want in the end?

Lust Abroad: Olivia has needed a vacation for a long time, and romance and adventure are her number one priorities. Her first stop is beautiful Paris, where love and sex are almost guaranteed to a sexy woman like her. When she meets a mysterious stranger in a small cafe, she allows him to take her to dinner… in the hotel that he owns.

Billionaire Boss, Plump Protege: Alice’s sexual adventures with mysterious rich men continues, as her billionaire boss has a movie night with her. What she thought was a simple horror movie turns out to be a porn! Will Alice give in to her desires for her boss, or will the taboo sex be too much for her to handle?

In this bundle you’ll find the following graphic, sexual themes:


  • Romance
  • Billionaire
  • BBW
  • BDSM
  • Rough sex
  • France
  • Blackmail
  • Fingering
  • Spanking
  • Double penetration


If you love rich billionaires, alpha males, and BDSM, you’ll love Billionaire Lovers (Blackmail, Scandal, Travel)



The Billionaire’s Passion

I met him by chance on the beach. I had been lounging on my day off, reading a perfectly scandalous romance novel and doing my best to forget the horrible week I had at work. He was a shadow, the bright sun behind him drowning out his features, standing by the waves. I only saw him from the corner of my eye at first, his black hair fighting against the wind.

He looks like the model on the cover of the novel I’m reading. I allow myself to imagine his thin but strong body against the heroine, his long fingers exploring her folds. The heroine of the novel is curvy, large, like me. Her hair might be darker than mine, her face may be shaped more like a heart, but when I read this novel I imagine her to be me. Picturing myself and this stranger meeting in the same passionate way as the woman in the novel is beginning to make me a bit wet and my face warm.

The sun is starting to set, the pinks dancing with the blues behind fluffy clouds while seagulls call and dive for leftover snacks. The man is wandering the edge of the beach now, seemingly in deep thought. I peek over the tan pages of my novel with my round, green eyes to get a better look at him.

His hair is medium length, dark and thick. I can’t make out many of his features with his skin in shadow, but I can see that he has a strong jaw and well-worked muscles. His shirtless torso gives way to strong legs and a bit of a bulge in his swimming trunks. Noticing this, I can’t help but giggle, the sound carrying over the wind and catching the attention of the wanderer. Embarrassed, I bury my face back into my book, hoping I didn’t offend him.

When I hear the quiet shuffle of his feet in the sand, I look up again and am surprised to see him walking toward me. I look up into his eyes, which I see now are blue, with my plump lips slightly parted as if I might apologize for the giggle. As he draws near, he smiles slightly before sitting down next to me in the sand.

Beautiful sunset, isn’t it?” He asks. His voice is soft but deep. I wonder briefly if he’s had voice lessons, but push the thought away. I nod and smile, still a bit unsure of what to say. This man, this completely stranger, is so handsome that my mouth is dry.

I’m suddenly ashamed to have my body in this bikini, showing off so much skin and fat rolls. I straighten my back, hoping to smooth some of my curves away so as not to disgust my new friend.

I hope you don’t mind if I sit with you. You just seemed like you could use company, and I could as well.” Turning to me now, I realize he expects a real answer. I clear my throat, blushing a bit.

It’s no problem,” I say, waving my hand. “My name is Brenda.” I hold out my right hand to him, crossing it over my body and unknowingly squeezing my breasts together. I notice him glance down at my chest before shaking my hand.

It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Alex Rosen.” As he firmly grips my hand, I wonder why his name sounds so familiar. It’s probably a common name. “What are you reading?”

I quickly set the book to my side, my face red again. “Ah, er…” I hesitate to answer, which makes him chuckle. I furrow my eyebrow, the corners of my lips pressing down.

Oh, don’t be upset. I know it was a romance novel. My wife used to read them fairly often.” He says, turning back to the water and staring out at the horizon for a few moments. “Is that one any good?”

It’s okay,” I answer, pulling the light book back into my lap and flipping through the pages absent mindedly. “It’s one of those billionaire stories, so it’s a little bit unrealistic.”

One side of his mouth curls up for just a second as he laughs again. Though he seems sad, Alex is quick to smile and laugh, which puts me at ease even though he’s a complete stranger. “Why are you out here all alone?”

He turns his face back to me, a slight droop in his eyelids making me regret asking him such a person question. Examining my face for a few moments, he finally answers, “I’m out here remembering my wife.”

Oh no. Real smooth, Brenda. “I’m sorry,” I mumble.

No, it’s okay. You remind me of her a little bit. Your long hair and the soft curl in it, the way you lick your finger just a little bit before turning the page of your book,” he smiles now, though still sad. “She passed two years ago, of lung cancer. We were only married for a few months.”

My heart and throat clench up, my hand instinctively coming up to cover my chest. “That’s awful, I’m so sorry!”

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