The Blackmail Bet 1 (Can He Make Her Beg?) (The Billionaire’s Lesbian Toy)

Wealthy, Young, Sexy: You’ll wish you were her when you see what happens next.

Karen Li is like a secret ingredient. She doesn’t have the glitz and glamour of her boss, the CEO of RadCorp.

But she’s always been the woman he turned to when he needed advice, and the two of them made it the towering powerhouse that it is today together.

She’s a lesbian, of course, and married to boot to a frigid ice queen who drives her to adultery. Totally off limits. When she gets caught bringing a girl back to her office for some late-night fun, he makes a “friendly” bet with her.

All she has to do now is resist his charms for a few short weeks, and play along so he doesn’t tell her wife–and ruin her reputation–in the process.



Karen had always appreciated her position at RadCorp. They had gotten more and more successful, and she had made more and more money. She had an office, she had a place where she could crash, she got to talk about how involved she was. At the same time, Connor ran the day-to-day business. Their private meetings to discuss strategy came out as decisions that Connor had made by himself.

It allowed her a degree of privacy and freedom in her personal life that might have been difficult for a woman otherwise. That was what allowed her to keep her hair cropped close, like a boy’s. A signal to everyone that saw her exactly who and what she was interested in.

She smiled at the sound of the music banging around her. It was distracting, but she was used to that. Distracting was common. She told herself she’d come here for music, but as she danced she knew it wasn’t true. She was here because Diane was being a piece of shit, and because as the second most powerful member of the Forbes 50th most successful new company, she had certain advantages.

One of those advantages was rubbing a pair of breasts against her right now. Karen smiled and wrapped her arms around her anonymous lover, drawing her close and pressing her lips against the girl’s neck. The girl walked off in a drug-and-lights-induced stupor.

It had been a long time since she’d been out like this. A longer time than she wanted to admit, but a shorter time than perhaps it should have been. They’d only recently legalized gay marriage, of course she and Diane had taken advantage right away. They’d been together for years, a fixture in their community.

They’d already grown past the point of having the wild, nasty sex romps that she wanted. Diane had her books and her museum work. Karen had her job—and, whether she liked it or not, she had this. She scanned the crowd with her eyes. Someone here would be a good choice. It was only a matter of finding them and bringing them back with her.

She slipped off the floor. It was fun, but it wasn’t what she wanted. She moved up to the counter and ordered something brightly colored. A neon-blue drink came across the counter and she waited for someone to notice it as she sipped. It was sweet and fruity and it wasn’t long before a man came over with an intensity in his eyes as he looked at her.

“I like your hair,” he said softly.

Karen reached up and ran her fingers through it. It was shorter than the man standing before her, whose hair fell into his eyes. One of those kinds, then. “I’m not interested.”

“Don’t be like that.”

“I’m not interested in guys.” It was only mostly true. She’d found a few guys attractive, once or twice. She had to admit that Connor had a well-built body, and she had even dated one once, for the span of a few short days. They’d gone home and she’d learned how the parts fit together. She had decided that she wasn’t comfortable with it, not like she was with women, and that was the end of it.

“Okay, okay. I get it.”

The guy raised his hands defensively and backed off. Karen took another sip of her drink. A woman saddled up beside her and ordered a screwdriver.

“Hey.” Karen didn’t like approaching people. Sometimes when you wanted to get things done, though, you had to do them yourself.

The woman turned and smiled at her. Karen wasn’t sure if it was intended to look friendly or if the woman realized that she was putting forth a sexual image. It didn’t matter, though. She had fewer reservations than her friend about convincing women of the advantages of the fairer sex—and fewer about fucking them silly. “Hi.”

“I’m having a little party back at my office. There’s going to be free drinks, does that sound like your kind of thing?” Karen made sure to give her a sexual glance.

“What kind of party?”

“Very intimate. Only me and a couple friends.”

“A couple of friends, huh?” The woman waggled her eyebrows.

“At least one acquaintance, if you’re there.”

“Just the two of us, huh? Where do you work?”

“You’ll see. I wouldn’t want to scare you off!”

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