The Blackmail Bet 2 (Can She Escape?) (The Billionaire’s Lesbian Toy)

You won’t believe how he makes her follow his orders!

Now that her boss has caught her in the arms of a woman who certainly isn’t her wife, lesbian business genius Diane Li has to figure out how to minimize the damage.

Of course, Connor isn’t making things easy. At first he’s cagey, keeping his intentions to himself.

Then he tells her the bet: She’ll beg for his cock. It’s absurd, of course. She wouldn’t. She doesn’t even like cocks.

He doesn’t seem convinced, though, and he’s going to show her exactly what she’s missing out on. The girl Karen picked up seems to be enjoying it…



“I bet you that you’ll beg me to fuck you.”

Karen watched his face. He had a smile, and Connor had never been exactly afraid of a practical joke. This one went a little far, though, even for him. It had to have been a joke, right?

Liz was walking past, not even dressed. His arm shot out to stop her as she passed.

“Actually, you know what? You should have that drink. I think I could find a use for you, after all.”

Liz looked up at him, her eyes wide. “Are—are you sure?”

Connor gave her a reassuring smile. “Of course. Come on, I’ll pour if for you myself if you’d like.”

Karen watched them, unsure what to make of this sudden change.

“You’re crazy, you know, Connor.” Her voice sounded unsteady even to her own ears, but she had to say it. “I’m not going to beg you for your cock, as wonderful as I’m sure it is.”

“I know you won’t, Karen. You’re a tough girl, and you think you don’t like cocks, so it makes sense that you’d be able to hold off. Even if I could convince you that I’m a better lay than you think, you wouldn’t admit it to me just to protect your pride.”

“That’s not—”

“I’m not finished.” Connor levelled a look at her and she realized with a start that he was being completely serious. “I think it’s going to take time. I’m not going to fuck you until you ask me to, of course. That would be the most vicious sort of behavior, don’t you think?”

“I’m glad that you’re finally seeing reason, at least,” she snorted. Somehow the entire situation seemed unreal, as if he were pulling her leg and at any moment he’d break and laugh.

“But that doesn’t mean that you’re off the hook, either. After all, I’ve got you under my thumb, haven’t I?”

Karen’s face dropped. What was that supposed to mean, exactly? What was he planning for her? And what on earth could she do to stop it, to convince him that it was a bad idea?

While her mind raced, Connor poured a glass of champagne for Liz. “I’m sorry, sweetheart, I didn’t catch your name.”

“L—Liz. Elizabeth.”

“I’m sorry Elizabeth, you’ve really gotten caught up in something that’s probably much scarier than you’d like. But I can promise you, you’re completely in no danger. Nobody’s going to come after you. You don’t have to be scared.”

The girl broke down a little bit with a loud sob, then swallowed her fear. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know that she—I didn’t know. It’s not—”

“There, there. I know you didn’t. You didn’t do anything wrong, okay?”

His hand slid up and down her shoulder reassuringly. Karen watched them, alone with her thoughts. She couldn’t exactly see a way out of it. Not if she wanted to keep her wife out of things, not if she wanted to avoid scandal.

But then again, shouldn’t Connor want the same things? Shouldn’t he have been thinking of the business first? Why was he acting like this, so strangely? Was he going to jeopardize everything for a fuck? He wouldn’t. There must have been some card up his sleeve, something that she wasn’t seeing.

She had always been a better business mind. He was the gambler, but he gambled smart, and his gambles paid off. It’s why they’d been able to rise to such meteoric heights so quickly. If he was going to bet his entire reputation, the company’s entire reputation, then he must have had an ace in the hole.

That’s what worried her more than anything else. She wasn’t interested in him. He might as well have said that she was going to beg to be showered in cum on a porn set. There was just no way. But what worried her was the angle. If she didn’t see it, then that meant that she couldn’t possibly predict how effective it was going to be.

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