The Degenerate Gameshow 1 (Cuck Interracial Impregnation)

She’ll have to choose her boyfriend out of 4 men… while wearing a blindfold, and they’re naked.

When I was approached in the mall, I never expected to be brought onto a gameshow. I like to be impulsive, so even though my boyfriend said no, I said yes!

But when he was forced to take off his clothes, and I was made to put on a blindfold, I knew things were going to get a little strange.

I was confident I could tell which man was Jason just by touch, taste, and smell. But if I’m wrong, I’ll end up being impregnated by the wrong man…

Would that really be so bad?



“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining me and taking part in this game. You’ll remember that you signed a waiver that says he will not leave or else you’ll be fined $5000. I want to remind you of this as I explain the rules to you. Could the gentlemen please go behind that wooden wall with the holes?”

Jason and the three black men march behind the wall. I notice that one set of holes matches their faces, while the other matches their crotch. That’s weird, I think. Why would they have it set up like that?

“I’m the producer of this show, and so it’s my job to tell you what you’ll be doing. The men will take off their clothes while the lady is blindfolded. Once she’s blindfolded it will be her job to find out which of the men is her boyfriend. She will do this by fondling them, giving them a blow job, or fucking them.”

I gasp, unable to believe what I’m being told. Jason steps out from behind the wall while the other men are stripping.

“You have to be kidding, right?! You don’t expect us to take part in your sick fantasy, do you?” Jason looks as if he might pounce on the man and started beating him.

“Actually, I do expect that. You signed the waiver. You don’t want to forfeit that $5000, do you? Can you afford to do that? Do you have any student loans, unpaid bills, overdue credit cards? Chances are you need the money, and you’ll probably enjoy the show anyway.”

Jason looks to me, and I look to him. I see the disappointment and the rage in his eyes. At the same time, I know that we can’t afford to pay $10,000. I know that we have to go through with this.

I also know that it kind of thrills me.

Looking back to the other men, who are now naked, I can see that though they are large, they’re not much larger than Jason. It may be harder to figure out which one is Jason after all.

“Miss, if you’ll come with me?”

I follow the game master and the producer back behind the red curtain. The stage behind the curtain is empty.

“Please undress,” the game master says. He hands me a black satin mask to put over my eyes.

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