Black on White (Billionaires, Interracial and Romance Bundle)

Black on White (Billionaires, Interracial and Romance Bundle)

Don’t Want You Back: She came home to find her roots — not to solve mysteries and fall in love.

Destiny, the first person in her poor black family to go to college, is coming home. Harvard wasn’t the escape from her past she thought it might be.

Her homecoming is a surprise to her mom, who has something to admit: Since the two last spoke, Vera has gotten engaged! At first Destiny is excited, but when she realizes her mom’s fiance is hercheating billionaire ex-boyfriend, things get sticky.

They only get stickier when she meets up with an old friend who reveals that her ex might be more than a nuisance. He might be a murderer! With more mysteries piling up, will Destiny’s life ever make sense?

This story has it all: Steamy interracial romance, mysteries, and murder!

His Black Baby: Jealousy rules Tiffany’s life. Now she has a surefire way to get what she wants: a baby.

Even though Max comes from a wealthy family, his habits threaten to send him to the poorhouse. With Charlotte, he wanted to do everything right. Too bad she just isn’t interested in him after a big mistake. She uses him for pleasure, but doesn’t want anything more serious from him.

Imagine her surprise when she winds up pregnant!

Tiffany, on the other hand, has loved him since they met. Max only ever saw her as a friend, until one drunk night…

Now he has two bundles of joy on the way, and a messy life to clean up fast.

Downtown Girl Goes Down: The driver’s partition is up and Aviona’s in for the ride of her life!

Aviona kicked out her boyfriend. She fought off her friend’s ex. Now Bradley wants a date with her, but will they even make it to the restaurant?

Chances are they won’t, because she’ll be on her knees servicing him. She’s black, he’s white, but their differences aren’t important. All that’s important is that he wants to give her a better life, andshe’s good with her mouth.



He forces my legs apart. I gasp as he pulls me up into his lap, his mouth on my neck now. He bites and kisses until he pulls the top of my dress down, revealing my breast. No bra. It wouldn’t work with this dress. The seams pop, but he doesn’t stop. He pulls harder, tearing the front down so that now both of my breasts are free.

I press my mound against him, feeling his growing manhood in his pants. His hands grip the small of my back, forcing me to grind against him until I do it all on my own. My ass moves fast, my clit crying from the friction and the need to be touched.

“God,” he says, mostly a groan in my ear. “You’re so hot. I can’t take it. I need you now.”

I moan, the words dripping down my back with a shiver. I stand, only to fall to my knees on the floor of the limo and crawl up to Bradley. His eyes burn into me as I unbutton his pants and pull them down just a bit. Just enough to reach into his underwear and pull out his cock.

And this white man has a big dick. I don’t let myself ogle it for too long, though. I open my mouth and take it deep, sucking him hard. I revel in the salty precum on my tongue, which moves and pulsates to please him. His hand presses against my head, forcing me to go deeper. I take him down my throat, only coming up long enough to gasp for air before going down again.

I worship his dick. I love it, slobber on it, suck on it. I taste every bit of it. My hand massages his balls, which are clean shaven. He smells like manhood and sex. I make sure I suck hard, because I want to impress Bradley. I want him to see me as an ebony goddess, a black sex idol.

He grabs my hand suddenly and pulls me up, turning me around. In an instant he pulls up my dress, pushes my panties aside, and forces his cock deep into me. I cry out a moan as the limo turns and I nearly fall off of Bradley. He holds me tight, though, and fucks me deep. His hands spread my ass cheeks, unless they’re grabbing my tits that are still swinging free.

“Oh… god…” he moans, not meaning to but unable to hold it back. Holding himself still, he tries to get used to the tightest cunt he’s ever had. He can’t stand not moving for long though, so with slow, long strokes he fucks me. I move, too, making sure I get the full length of his amazing white cock.

I push my ass down, drawing him closer to me and taking his big cock deep within me. “Fuck me harder,” I demand, opening my eyes. “I want you, Bradley. Please fuck me!”

He pulls almost completely out, surprised, but then his eyebrows furrow and he slams his member back into me so hard that I scream. He hits my cervix hard. Bradley covers my mouth so I won’t be too loud as he pumps into me harder, and harder, each time sliding against that soft spot, my G-spot. I turn over, so that I’m facing him now, my legs wrapped around him.


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