Bigfoot’s African Queen (A Black Girl’s Monster)

When Bigfoot notices your African beauty, will you let him claim it?

Michonne is the weird one in her group of friends. She’s always preferred studying to boys, and now that they’ve all graduated from high school she’s even more isolated.

When Alice offers to let them all go camping on her father’s land in Interlochen, Michigan, they all jump at the chance. What Michonne doesn’t know is that the other three invited their boyfriends.

Frustrated and alone, she spends the first night reading about strange ghost stories and monsters from around Michigan. When she hears a strange sound, though, she freaks out and tries to convince her friends to leave.

Bigfoot finds her, though, and he steals her away from her friends. Will his desires win, or will Michonne escape from him?



As soon as the sun goes down and their bellies are full, the whole camp heads to bed. They’re exhausted from moving the camp, exhausted from Alice’s whining, and exhausted from the fear of whatever is out there.

In the tent next to Michonne’s, Kelly is snoring softly, but she can’t sleep. She knows something will happen again tonight, and she wants to be prepared. She lays there, listening to the crickets and waiting. Waiting for a movement, or the snap of a twig.

It doesn’t take long for something to happen. The grown below her rumbles as she hears something sniffing at the air. Like a dog searching for a lost child, it sniffs loudly as it creeps around the camp.

Michonne doesn’t move. She wants to vindicate herself, prove to the others that she isn’t crazy… but what if the thing out there is some inbred killer? What if it really is a bear? Torn with indecision, she can’t even move. She hears the beast move closer to her and sudden panic causes her heart to thump so hard against her chest that it hurts. She just screws her eyes shut.

The beast looks in through the mesh window, seeing his prize. Large hands grab the fabric of the tent and tear it open with one loud grunt. Michonne tries to scramble away from the thing, but she’s too slow. “Let me go!” She screams. “Let me go!”


As the beast grabs Michonne and throws her over his broad shoulders, she sees Bailey and Melissa staring at her in horror.

“Help me!”

The beast shifts his weight and with surprising speed, he sprints through the trees. Before long, she can only hear the shouts of her friends, calling her name, and then… nothing at all.

She screams until her throat scratches and throbs. Her nails dig into the hairy flesh of the beast, trying to break free of his grip, but she’s not strong enough. His arm is bigger than her waist, there’s no chance of her overpowering this creature.

So she goes limp, unmoving, merely terrified. When the shouts of her friends are nothing more than a whisper, the beast stops running and slowly carries her deeper into the forest, away from the lake.

The thing sets her down in a clearing. The moon above shines so brightly that the brown fur of the beast seems silvery. Its blue eyes look down at her with something other than the ferocious wildness she expects. They look down at her with compassion. With… lust.

Its nose is sort of like a dog’s, but closer to it’s face. Its ears are large and its entire body, face and all, is covered with fur. Even beneath the fur, she can see the beast’s muscles tense and relax with each breath it takes. Though it makes no real noise, its breathing carries a sort of deep hum that relaxes her.

It moves, and she flinches. “Don’t hurt me!” She cries, closing her eyes. She hears some movement, but nothing painful happens to her. She opens her eyes, and before her is a large hand holding out a ring of flowers.

“What’s this?” She asks, not daring to move. The beast takes the flower chain and holds it between his two comically large fingers. Moving it closer to Michonne, he gently sets it against her head. A crown of flowers.

For some reason, this action causes love to swell in Michonne. She looks at the beast, drinking in the powerful sight of his hairy body. His large, ape-like pectorals. His thick thighs. The thick slab of man-meat between those thighs, not at all hidden from view. Her mouth falls open at the sheer size of it.

The beast inches closer to her again. He presses his nose against her cheek, nuzzling her. When he pulls back, he uses his finger to pull down her tank top’s strap, exposing her shoulder.

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