Her Desire for Brutality (Her Rough Lover)

Moira wants pain. Lorens is happy to oblige.

Powerful, angry, and rich, Lorens has had a rough day. When he comes into a club to take it out on someone, he finds the perfect date.

Moira has gone months without a good lay, and she’s desperate for an orgasm. With very specific needs, she has to find the perfect man to help her. One who is brutal and sadistic, deep down inside.

When these two meet, what happens is a whirlwind love affair that expands the boundaries of BDSM, spanking, and rough sex. Couldn’t you use a little pain now and then?



“Maybe. I haven’t cum in months, maybe a year. I’m so desperate, desperate for your cock and the back of your hand against my face. Or for a slap of my cunt. Anything, I’ll do anything for this! Please, I’m begging you to hit me, or something!” I fell, then, to my knees. One arm wrapped around his leg, the other hand massaging his cock. I was so wet, so lustfully in need of a good beating. I had to have it.

“You want BDSM?” He asked. Looking into his eyes, I saw his lust building up again. Every man loves to have his cock worshiped, and I was damn good at it.

“No. I want your brutality.”

Quick as gunpowder, he reached down and grabbed my hair, pulling me up with it. It hurt, oh how it hurt! Glorious pain hit me in waves as I was pulled to my feet. “Get up those stairs, you stupid cunt. I’m going to fuck you however I want.”

I whimpered, tears welling in my eyes, but I never stopped rubbing his cock until he let my hair go and forced me to turn around. Grabbing one arm and twisting it behind my back, he pushed me past the private garden and the kitchen and up a spiral staircase. At the top was a large room, a bedroom with a huge king-sized bed. He pushed me towards it and bent me over it, hiking my skirt up and pulling my panties down.

I grunted as he kicked my legs apart. With his fingers, he spread my pussy lips wide.

“So wet. I guess you do like being hurt. Well, no one’s ever let me bring out my inner sadist, whore, so you better be ready for the full force of my hatred and abuse.”

“Yes sir!” I cried. “I’m ready! I’m so ready!” My clit twitched at his words. I couldn’t wait for what was to come.

A swat to my pussy made me shut up quick. Another one brought even more tears to my eyes. A third made me gasp, and but then he followed it up by rubbing my clit. I was melting to his touch when he hit my clit one more time, hard enough to make me yelp.

“Scream as loud as you want. It’s only going to turn me on, bitch.” He spread my ass cheeks, gripping them hard. Then he spanked me, harder than I have ever been spanked. It must have hurt his hand, because he left for a moment. I wanted to nurse my aching pussy, but knew better than to move when I was being spanked. I waited for him to return, and when he did I had a surprise coming to me.

The next hit to my ass came via a wooden spoon. I screamed again, surprised by the sharp pain. Then the spoon met my clitoris, and he alternated between hitting my ass or my pussy. Sometimes he hit my pussy lips, sometimes he spread them wide and made sure my clit got a nice hard swat.

I was almost beginning to regret meeting this man, thinking this might be too much for me, when he bent down and my throbbing cunt was met with a hot, wet tongue. Oh, the bliss I felt then was indescribable! I moaned loud, grabbing the comforter on the bed and pulling it towards me. He lapped up my juices, nurses my poor clitty back to working condition. His tongue dipped into my hole, probing me.

I was near cumming, but knew I wouldn’t go over the edge without more. Maybe he knew, too, because he stood up and forced me to stand as well.

“Get naked, slut. Let me see your tits.”

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