Billionaire Secret Bundle (Three Stories of Blackmail, Punishment, and BDSM)

The secrets and scandals of billionaires are revealed in this hardcore erotica bundle!

The Blackmailed Maid: What will you do when the billionaire catches you stealing?

Sophia is a normal woman struggling to survive in our harsh economy. When the housing market went under, her whole family suffered a series of setbacks that led to having to drop out of college and take up a job as a maid. Luckily, her father was friends with a man who had become a billionaire; a billionaire who promised to pay her quite handsomely.

Julian Rodin did not keep his word. Struggling to pay her bills and buy food, Sophia resorted to stealing small things from him, things she hoped he would never notice. When he installs security cameras around his mansion, though, he comes to possess photos of Sophia that will make her do whatever he tells her to.

The Punished Maid: Sophia tried to avoid Mr. Rodin. After being blackmailed into giving him sex and accepting his punishment, she only wants to stay home and forget it ever happened.

It seems her subconscious feels differently. When she dreams of being with Mr. Rodin, of hot sex with him, she realizes this isn’t a man she can just run away from. Sophia needs to know exactly what feelings she has for him. A stack of resumes for live in maids, however, stand in her way.

Will Mr. Rodin accept Sophia? Will Sophia accept her feelings for Mr. Rodin?

The Secrets of the Masquerade: A fake name and a masquerade mask are all you need to get what you want.

When a woman calling herself Veronica walks in on her wealthy employer’s masquerade party, she has naughty intentions. What was once a fantasy about her handsome boss can now be a blissful reality. Using the anonymity of her masquerade mask, she seduces him while the other members of the party watch.

This bundle has the following graphic and sexual themes:


  • Billionaires
  • Maids
  • A masquerade party
  • BDSM
  • BBW
  • Blackmail
  • Oral sex



“Mr. Rodin, please! I’m so sorry! Please don’t call the police!”

He scoffs at me, crossing his arms and frowning. “I very well should call the police. But no, I won’t do that right away. After all, your dad is a friend of mine and we wouldn’t want him to see these photos, would we? And I don’t want to shame him by sending his eldest daughter to jail. If you don’t want to be put behind bars, you’re going to have to do absolutely everything I tell you to do.”

My heart skips a beat and my eyes widen. Is he saying what I think he is?!

“To make this easier on you, and because I’m such a good guy, I’ll also give you a raise. But only if you do absolutely everything I tell you to do, without question and without attitude.” He moves in close to me, looking into my eyes. His cheekbones look sharp in the lighting. “Do you agree to my terms, or should I call the police?”

I can’t move. I can barely breathe. My hand comes up to my chest and I lean over, trying to force air into my lungs. Mr. Rodin picks up his cell phone, his lips again pressed into a hard line. He swipes his thumb against the screen. “No, wait!” I yell. He stops, his eyes flicking up to mine. “I agree.”

His lip twitches into a wicked smile. I feel nauseous and my head feels fuzzy.

“Stand up.”

As I scramble to my feet, he stands as well. Next to him, I am very short. He grabs my arm and forces me to turn around, facing his desk. Pressing against my shoulders, he forces me to bend over until my breasts press against the desk and my ass is in the air.

Warm fingers press against my inner thigh, kneading into my skin. I want to move away, to turn around and slap him. That’s not an option. A small gust of air flows over my ass as my skirt is flipped up and over my ass. For a second I’m thankful that I wore my best panties today. They’re pretty and pink, bikini-bottom style.

Mr. Rodin’s hands knead into my ass cheeks, and rub over them gently. It’s kind of like a massage, which I can’t help but enjoy after a few hours of cleaning. When he pulls my panties down, though, I clench my ass cheeks together and gasp. My hands ball up into fists and I close my eyes, waiting for his next move.


The first slap on my ass brings me painfully back to reality. The second knocks the wind out of my lungs, forcing me to gasp again. Mr. Rodin brings his hand down over and over again, pummeling my ass until tears sting my eyes and roll down my cheeks. “Please, stop!” I cry, sniffling. I try to get away from him, but his strong hand grabs my arm and keeps me painfully still as he spanks me.

“You don’t get to tell me when to stop, you slutty thief!” WHACK! WHACK! Each word is punctuated with another slap. “I’ll stop once you’ve learned your lesson!” Again, he slaps my ass with my force now. I squeal and cry, in the back of my mind knowing my butt’s going to be bright red and painful for hours after this punishment.

Even further back in my mind, I secretly like it.

The spankings stop, and for a brief second I’m allowed to catch my breath. My butt cheeks sting so bad I can’t hold back a few sobs. His hand gently, tenderly caresses my ass cheeks. It hurts, but it’s soothing at the same time. Moving down slowly, his fingers press against my vulva, sliding up and down my pussy lips. “You’re shaved. And wet, too.”

He slaps his fingers against my vulva, just hard enough for it to sting. Circling his fingers around my clitoris, he presses hard. I wiggle my ass in response, enjoying the feeling. I blush, and I moan.

But then he slaps my clit with two fingers. The pain and pleasure mix and force me to orgasm instantly, my toes curling and my teeth clenching. He pulls his hand away from me, spinning me to face him. My knees wiggle beneath me, because they are weak. He presses down on my shoulder.

“Suck my cock.”


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Black Woman, White Billionaire (Interracial Romance)

Dark Obsession

This black woman just can’t find a good man.

Could a mysterious billionaire be the answer to her problems… or cause more of them?

Octavia attracts a certain kind of man. Specifically, white scumbag jerks that cheated on their wives or can barely hold down a job.

That is, until a man saves her not only from a bad date… he saves her life! He’s sexy, smart, and makes her feel beautiful. But is he worth the danger?

She’s threatened with a gun and left scared for her life. Will Bradley be able to keep her safe and win her over?

His Chocolate Obsession

Can interracial love grow in a foreign country before Richard and Jazmine have to go home?

Jazmine is a smart, driven young black woman on a missions trip to South Africa. What she expected was a vacation with some hard work now and then. What she got instead was a mother deathly ill and more stress than she’s ever dealt with.

When her wealthy neighbor finds her distraught, he brings her home to make her soup. Not realizing she’s never had alcohol before, he offers her some wine and she doesn’t react well to it. The next thing she knows, she wakes up in his bed.

Will Jazmine accept Richard’s interest in her? Is Richard really willing to settle for someone so much younger than him? Can love grow in a foreign country before both of them have to go home?

His Black Baby

Jealousy rules Tiffany’s life. Now she has a surefire way to get what she wants: a baby.

Even though Max comes from a wealthy family, his habits threaten to send him to the poorhouse. With Charlotte, he wanted to do everything right. Too bad she just isn’t interested in him after a big mistake. She uses him for pleasure, but doesn’t want anything more serious from him.

Imagine her surprise when she winds up pregnant!

Tiffany, on the other hand, has loved him since they met. Max only ever saw her as a friend, until one drunk night…

Now he has two bundles of joy on the way, and a messy life to clean up fast.



I’m dressed in my finest, a little black dress with some pearls around my neck and a small silver ring on my left middle finger. I tied my hair up in a loose and messy bun, but it looks glamorous on me for some reason. My hair may be fake, but it’s high quality and I look stunning with it.

Opening up my small clutch purse, I check to make sure I have my debit card. I’ve been walked out on enough times to know I need to bring money in case the asshole leaves me the bill before slipping away quietly. Maybe I shouldn’t call him an asshole before I meet him.

I push my card back into my purse, and by the time I look back up he’s here. On time and everything! Good way to start the date.

“You must be Octavia. You’re more stunning than Rebecca said.” He holds out his hand and, taking mine, kisses me on my knuckles. I giggle and blush. “My name is Charles, but you can call me Charlie.”

“Okay, Charlie.” I smile and he sits. He’s not bad looking, probably a solid 7. His hair is a bit thin, but it’s styled so you can hardly tell. His eyes are so dark they’re nearly black, and his nose is strong. Always liked a man with a strong nose.

The waiter comes over and immediately we’re poured glasses of red wine. The expensive stuff. I hold back a wince and hope Charlie doesn’t dine and ditch me with the bill. “So, what do you do on Wall Street, Charlie?”

He flashes a huge grin. “I make money! I deal with stocks for my clients. It’s a rush when everything goes right. I’ve actually had a pretty lucky streak lately!”

The night goes by fast, but through the whole thing I feel like I am being watched. I’m finished my steak and Charlie is finishing off a second glass of wine when I finally figure out why.


The voice sounds familiar, but not familiar enough for me to put a face to it. Furrowing my eyebrows, I look around.

“Octavia, what a surprise to see you here.”

I look up. In another gorgeous business suit stands the man from yesterday, the one who gave me his handkerchief. I grimace, looking to Charlie apologetically. The night has been going so well. This is the last thing I need to happen.

“And with Charles, no less.” They shake hands.

A dark look comes over Charlie’s face. “Good evening, Mr. Strange,” he says. I try to figure out what his tone means, but it’s escaping me.

“Charles, do you have a second? I have something I need to discuss with you, about work.”

“No, I don’t think-”

“Millions of dollars are on the line.” Bradley Strange gives my date a look, one full of danger.

“It’s okay, Charlie, I can wait here.” I flash him a smile to encourage him. Boy if I ever see this Bradley guy again I’ll punch him right in the nose! How rude can you be?

The men leave. I scroll through my phone, reading updates from friends on Twitter about how awesome their nights are going. I consider briefly tweeting about my night, but think better of it. I don’t need everyone to know I have a stalker who ruined my date.

So I wait. And I wait.

Charlie never comes back. 45 minutes later, I even get up and follow the direction they went. I ask a waiter if he’s seen Charlie or Bradley, and he points to the bathrooms. Sure enough, Bradley is standing there on his cell phone. He sounds pissed.

When he sees me he holds up a finger asking me to wait. “Yeah, that’s fine. Just fire him.” Ouch. Someone’s going to be having a bad day tomorrow. He hangs up and sighs, shaking his head before he looks up at me.

“Have you seen Charlie?”

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Black Nanny’s Surprise (Seduced By White Men)

Babysitting seemed like an easy way to pay the bills, but it may end up being so much more!

Chloe is a black college student studying child development and quickly running out of money. With only $100 left in her account, she makes a desperate bid for money: babysitting.

After a chance meeting with a rich white man and his daughter, she’s hired immediately, and things seem to go well.

Both Jack and his daughter like Chloe a lot. When Jack comes home and finds the young woman in a compromising position, he realizes he might even like her too much!

If you like interracial, hot nannies, and sexy billionaires you will love this story!



I feel like I’m constantly cringing these days. I look at my bank statements and cringe. I look at my grocery bill and cringe. I look at the books I need to buy for classes and cringe. I received so many scholarships! How did I blow through them so quickly?

Damn, I guess I need to get a job. Except, where’s a black girl supposed to find work that isn’t horribly degrading in this town?

Well I don’t have the time to do a full time job, and no one around town is hiring anyway. I’m down to my last one hundred dollars. The desperate nature of the situation is not lost on me.

Sighing, I walk out of the latest coffee shop that has refused to take my application. I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders as I lean against a telephone pole on the edge of the street. “I really don’t want to take out more loans,” I whine, wiping away a tear. I close my eyes and rub my temples, trying to will away a stress headache.

“I should just go home and put in some applications online,” I say, pushing myself from the pole. I glance at it for a second, looking at the ads that are illegally posted on it. One is for a missing dog, another for a garage sale. Oh, I suppose I could sell my TV…

Below that, though, is a third flier. It’s brand new and seems to glow with opportunity. That’s it! I’ll become a babysitter!

A few hours later, I am finally thankful for that graphic design class I took as I walk down the street, stapling up my fliers on nearly every street corner.

My college town is very well off. You can tell by how few black people are. In most of my classes, I’m the only one.

My dorms are across the street from a huge mansion, owned by some white dude who donates a ton of money to us every year. There are a few other big houses nearby, a lot of well off families making their homes close to the college they want their kids to go to.

So being a babysitter around here could definitely be lucrative. The idea has my heart beating fast- finally, the chance to succeed!

The day is hot, a dry heat that is making my throat sore. And damn it, I forgot to bring a water bottle. I try to ignore it for a while, but the sting in my throat becomes unbearable by the time I see my favorite cafe on the next block.

I toss my weave, dark black Indian hair, over my shoulder and wipe the sweat from my forehead. Stapling one more of my pink fliers, I place the rest in my bag and head into the big double doors of the cafe. The building smells like cinnamon and coffee, and it’s unusually quiet for this time of day. I slide into line behind a man and his daughter, a cute girl that looks around 4.

The man, probably her dad, is trying to keep her under control as she cries and demands a muffin. The few others in the cafe are watching them with disdain, judging the poor guy. She’s kicking and punching him as he tries to pick her up, one of her little fists landing square on his nose.

I watch the scene for a second, but the young girl starts screaming. The shrill sound forces my headache to come back, my face contorting in pain. I bend down next to the girl, trying to remain calm.

“Hey there, little cutie. Why are you crying?”

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Liz Gavins Blog


 That’s why on February 21, 2015, after reading Bethany Turner’s blog – here –  and finding out about her Marquee Monday Project, where she dedicates her blog to promoting authors instead of herself, I decided to do something similar.

You should check the previous featured authors because they’re great people, supportive of other authors and you’ll find great reads by each one of them: Harmony Kent, Jennifer Hinsmannand Jason Greenfield.

However, in August I didn’t post it when I should have – I apologize for that – but I guess you’ll forgive me for that because I’m going to give you a treat. :D I’ve been meaning to feature this awesome writer on my blog for a while but she is a BUSY lady and I can’t organize my time to do all I plan to so… you get my meaning.



Giveback Wednesday is about me promoting other authors who…

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Billionaire Lovers (Blackmail, Scandal, Travel)

Blackmail, Scandal, Travel

The Billionaire’s Passion: Brenda is unlucky in love. She’s so unlucky, in fact, that she’s given up entirely on finding love. A chance meeting with an odd widower, however, changes all of that in an instant.

He’s mourning the loss of his wife years prior, and asks Brenda to accompany him to a fancy dinner to combat his loneliness. A night of amazing food and a shopping spree later, Brenda begins to realize she’s falling in love with the mysterious man. Will they both get what they want in the end?

Lust Abroad: Olivia has needed a vacation for a long time, and romance and adventure are her number one priorities. Her first stop is beautiful Paris, where love and sex are almost guaranteed to a sexy woman like her. When she meets a mysterious stranger in a small cafe, she allows him to take her to dinner… in the hotel that he owns.

Billionaire Boss, Plump Protege: Alice’s sexual adventures with mysterious rich men continues, as her billionaire boss has a movie night with her. What she thought was a simple horror movie turns out to be a porn! Will Alice give in to her desires for her boss, or will the taboo sex be too much for her to handle?

In this bundle you’ll find the following graphic, sexual themes:


  • Romance
  • Billionaire
  • BBW
  • BDSM
  • Rough sex
  • France
  • Blackmail
  • Fingering
  • Spanking
  • Double penetration


If you love rich billionaires, alpha males, and BDSM, you’ll love Billionaire Lovers (Blackmail, Scandal, Travel)



The Billionaire’s Passion

I met him by chance on the beach. I had been lounging on my day off, reading a perfectly scandalous romance novel and doing my best to forget the horrible week I had at work. He was a shadow, the bright sun behind him drowning out his features, standing by the waves. I only saw him from the corner of my eye at first, his black hair fighting against the wind.

He looks like the model on the cover of the novel I’m reading. I allow myself to imagine his thin but strong body against the heroine, his long fingers exploring her folds. The heroine of the novel is curvy, large, like me. Her hair might be darker than mine, her face may be shaped more like a heart, but when I read this novel I imagine her to be me. Picturing myself and this stranger meeting in the same passionate way as the woman in the novel is beginning to make me a bit wet and my face warm.

The sun is starting to set, the pinks dancing with the blues behind fluffy clouds while seagulls call and dive for leftover snacks. The man is wandering the edge of the beach now, seemingly in deep thought. I peek over the tan pages of my novel with my round, green eyes to get a better look at him.

His hair is medium length, dark and thick. I can’t make out many of his features with his skin in shadow, but I can see that he has a strong jaw and well-worked muscles. His shirtless torso gives way to strong legs and a bit of a bulge in his swimming trunks. Noticing this, I can’t help but giggle, the sound carrying over the wind and catching the attention of the wanderer. Embarrassed, I bury my face back into my book, hoping I didn’t offend him.

When I hear the quiet shuffle of his feet in the sand, I look up again and am surprised to see him walking toward me. I look up into his eyes, which I see now are blue, with my plump lips slightly parted as if I might apologize for the giggle. As he draws near, he smiles slightly before sitting down next to me in the sand.

Beautiful sunset, isn’t it?” He asks. His voice is soft but deep. I wonder briefly if he’s had voice lessons, but push the thought away. I nod and smile, still a bit unsure of what to say. This man, this completely stranger, is so handsome that my mouth is dry.

I’m suddenly ashamed to have my body in this bikini, showing off so much skin and fat rolls. I straighten my back, hoping to smooth some of my curves away so as not to disgust my new friend.

I hope you don’t mind if I sit with you. You just seemed like you could use company, and I could as well.” Turning to me now, I realize he expects a real answer. I clear my throat, blushing a bit.

It’s no problem,” I say, waving my hand. “My name is Brenda.” I hold out my right hand to him, crossing it over my body and unknowingly squeezing my breasts together. I notice him glance down at my chest before shaking my hand.

It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Alex Rosen.” As he firmly grips my hand, I wonder why his name sounds so familiar. It’s probably a common name. “What are you reading?”

I quickly set the book to my side, my face red again. “Ah, er…” I hesitate to answer, which makes him chuckle. I furrow my eyebrow, the corners of my lips pressing down.

Oh, don’t be upset. I know it was a romance novel. My wife used to read them fairly often.” He says, turning back to the water and staring out at the horizon for a few moments. “Is that one any good?”

It’s okay,” I answer, pulling the light book back into my lap and flipping through the pages absent mindedly. “It’s one of those billionaire stories, so it’s a little bit unrealistic.”

One side of his mouth curls up for just a second as he laughs again. Though he seems sad, Alex is quick to smile and laugh, which puts me at ease even though he’s a complete stranger. “Why are you out here all alone?”

He turns his face back to me, a slight droop in his eyelids making me regret asking him such a person question. Examining my face for a few moments, he finally answers, “I’m out here remembering my wife.”

Oh no. Real smooth, Brenda. “I’m sorry,” I mumble.

No, it’s okay. You remind me of her a little bit. Your long hair and the soft curl in it, the way you lick your finger just a little bit before turning the page of your book,” he smiles now, though still sad. “She passed two years ago, of lung cancer. We were only married for a few months.”

My heart and throat clench up, my hand instinctively coming up to cover my chest. “That’s awful, I’m so sorry!”

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Black Girl in France (Travel Interracial Romance)

You won’t believe who one black woman meets in France!

Paris truly is the city of love for this black woman!

Black and beautiful, Olivia has needed a vacation for a long time. Romance and adventure are her number one priorities.

Her first stop is beautiful Paris, where love and sex are almost guaranteed to a sexy woman like her.

When she meets a mysterious white stranger in a small cafe, she allows him to take her to dinner… in the hotel that he owns.

Will she end up regretting this sizzling one-night romance with a hot French man? Will the sex be as unforgettable as the beautiful city?

Don’t miss this delightful bit of sex tourism and romance!



Romance and adventure were in the air the second I stepped off of my place. After a year of saving up and working hard, I’m finally on a well deserved and much needed vacation. Too bad it’s only a week long.

The goal is to make it to three different countries. France, Italy, and Brazil. Then I’ll be back home in the states and miserable about it, no doubt.

I considered going to Africa, since I do have some family there. My heart was set on Europe though. This may not be the land of my ancestors, because my skin is dark and my lineage unbroken, but it’s still a beautiful place.

When we finally landed in Charles de Gaulle International Airport, all of my anxiety and work worries were forgotten and I finally felt free! For a while, at least.

Walking past the red carpet where new passenger sit, waiting for their planes while browsing the internet on an almost infinite number of cell phones and tablets, I quickly go to bag pickup to await my luggage. I’m not ashamed to say I probably over packed, which two huge suitcases and my carry on. Well, a girl needs her clothes and shoes!

A half hour of waiting and waiting for my purple suitcases to come around the bend of the luggage carrier and I’m feeling annoyed. The little machine whirrs a couple dozen bags around and around, and of course mine are the last ones to come out. I grab them quick.

Making my way to the RER train and heading to central Paris, though, I can’t help but smile. I feel like jumping up and down, and I am so ready to have an adventure. I pass a group of schoolgirls who shared my plane with me, highschoolers from an advanced French language class who gossiped the whole flight about boys and television shows. One girl cried for a few minutes, explaining that she just missed her mom. The teacher escorting them was a handsome man with a sprinkle of gray in his otherwise jet black hair. He reminded the sad girl they would only be gone a week. Seeing her now, off the plane, she look as happy as I am while she waits for her bags with the class.

My hotel is La Maison Favart, a quirky building that I’m told gives the artsy feel one should have while staying in Paris.

The lobby of the hotel overwhelms me as I step in. The ornate, beautiful paintings, the large mirror on the wall facing a room full of seating. Some chairs, a few white couches, and a plush carpet beneath it all. It’s separated from the reception desk by large white columns.

“Bonjour, manquer.”

I turn and am greeted by a smiling woman. She looks to be about 50, with styling blonde hair. She’s not exactly thin, but her body is still sexy even for her age, and I find myself admiring her for longer than is appropriate.

“Bonjour. Je ne parle pas beaucoup Francais, I’m sorry!”Hoping she understands, I shrug a little in consolation.

That’s alright, I know some English,” she replies, smiling and waving me over.

Oh, good! How lucky for me. My name is Olivia Valentine, I have reservations for 2 days.” Stepping up to the counter, where the men left my bags, I show her my passport and credit card. With slim fingers, painted a beautiful shade of red, she types on her computer to find me.

Ah, you are in room 36. It’s a beautiful room. I’ll have someone bring your heavy bags up, here is your key card.

Thank you!” I bow a bit, taking the card and turning toward the stairs. Heading up the flights to my room, I check behind and see that two men are following me with my bags. I hurry the rest of the way so that they don’t have to struggle with my heavy luggage longer than necessary.

Unlocking the door to room 36, I press the handle down and step into the room. It smells very slightly of a floral perfume. The walls are a golden yellow, and from the door I can see a corner of the bed. Walking in further, I notice the coffee maker and sigh with relief, happy I won’t have to travel far for caffeine.

Hearing a bit of a struggle behind me, I notice both men entering the room behind me. “Thank you, you can set them anywhere.” I have no idea if they understand me, but they set the bag beside the large bed and turn to leave. Quickly, I hand one of them some money for a tip and they leave, shutting the door behind them.

On the bed is a blanket with an ornate design of red and gold, along with two small brown pillows and two larger white pillows. On the right of the bed is a desk with a lamp and a lavender chair, the perfect place to set up my laptop. Sitting on the bed for a moment, I’m pleasantly surprised by how soft it is.

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The Blackmail Bet 3 (Can She Say No?) (The Billionaire’s Lesbian Toy)

How far would you go to keep your wife? Would you let someone blackmail you?

Karen was afraid. Afraid that after her harrowing night, Connor would think better and tell her wife. Afraid that she couldn’t escape. Afraid that she had missed something and the worst was yet to come.

She doesn’t know the half of it.

The next morning she comes into work to find that Liz, the girl she’d seduced the night before, was her new executive assistant. And Connor wants to see her in his office, immediately.

But to her relief, nothing happens. She goes back to her office and relaxes. When Karen’s wife, Diane, comes to see her at the office, though, Liz takes Karen away for a “meeting.”

The only thing Karen’s going to meet, though, is the limits of her comfort zone. With Connor and Liz working together, she’ll find out exactly how far they can stretch.



Karen’s jaw clenched automatically as she came through the door and saw Elizabeth. She’d almost hoped that the night before had been some sort of strange, terrifying dream.

But it wasn’t a dream. She knew it wasn’t—she hadn’t slept a wink. She was at the very end of her nerves before she even walked through the door, and she knew that if he hadn’t started in on her the night before, it was for a reason. That only made the entire thing more worrying. What on earth could he possibly have planned? How the fuck was she supposed to get around a plan that she wasn’t bale to figure out?

She let out a long breath. It wasn’t going to be too bad, she reasoned. As long as she just kept working, she could safely ignore everything and react as it came. If things went the same tonight as they had last night then she might be able to rationalize getting a few hours’ sleep. Or at least, she might be able to take a few sleeping pills and get the same effect.

Liz’s shirt was professional from a distance, but as she got closer it became less and less so. Men’s heads openly turned to watch her walk as she came up past security. She had a clipboard in her hand, a stack of papers ready, and a pen that dangled from a lanyard that pointed straight at her too-obvious cleavage.

She would have brushed it off for anyone else. Anyone who Connor didn’t have his claws in. She just liked looking good, liked feeling attractive. Karen knew better. She was doing this to frustrate her, she had to be.

Well, she was a grown woman. It wasn’t going to be too bad, surely.

“Hey, Mr. Rice wants to see you in his office as soon as you arrive.” Liz’s tone was professional and flat. The total opposite of the party girl who had been writhing on her desk the day before.

“Good morning to you, too, Miss…”

“Oh, I’m sorry. We haven’t been properly introduced, have we? Elizabeth Meyer. I’ll be your new assistant, Mr. Rice hired me.”

Karen’s teeth ground together harder at the charade.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Meyer. I’ll go right up.”

“Oh, I’m coming with you. I’m to transcribe the meeting, of course.”

“… Of course.”

Karen turned and started toward the express elevator. It only led to the top floors, which was good, because there were too damn many of them already. She stepped in and watched the doors close in front of her, felt the elevator start to lift, faster and faster.

Finally, with a jolt, it stopped and let out a loud ‘ding.’ The door opened and they were standing in the front area of Connor Rice’s lavish office. His secretary stood when she saw the pair and smiled.

“Connor told me to show you right in when you arrived, Mrs. Li.”

“I’m sure he did,” she said under her breath, following the woman through the thick soundproofed doors.

Connor smiled when he saw them enter. “Karen! You came. I’m glad to see you.”

Karen had no patience for the games he was playing. “What the fuck do you need?”

“Need? Nothing, I’m sorry. I just wanted to say hello, make sure you were doing alright.”

“I’m doing fine. If that’s all then I’m going to go to my office.”

“Don’t be silly, of course that’s not all. I just don’t need you. I had instructions for you. We’re going to need to talk about the next quarter on Wednesday, so I wanted to make sure that you went through the expense accounts and intake so that you were up-to-date on all of that.”

Karen’s jaw tightened. This was completely unlike him. He wasn’t one to micromanage, certainly not with her. “Did you really think you needed to tell me that?”

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The Blackmail Bet 2 (Can She Escape?) (The Billionaire’s Lesbian Toy)

You won’t believe how he makes her follow his orders!

Now that her boss has caught her in the arms of a woman who certainly isn’t her wife, lesbian business genius Diane Li has to figure out how to minimize the damage.

Of course, Connor isn’t making things easy. At first he’s cagey, keeping his intentions to himself.

Then he tells her the bet: She’ll beg for his cock. It’s absurd, of course. She wouldn’t. She doesn’t even like cocks.

He doesn’t seem convinced, though, and he’s going to show her exactly what she’s missing out on. The girl Karen picked up seems to be enjoying it…



“I bet you that you’ll beg me to fuck you.”

Karen watched his face. He had a smile, and Connor had never been exactly afraid of a practical joke. This one went a little far, though, even for him. It had to have been a joke, right?

Liz was walking past, not even dressed. His arm shot out to stop her as she passed.

“Actually, you know what? You should have that drink. I think I could find a use for you, after all.”

Liz looked up at him, her eyes wide. “Are—are you sure?”

Connor gave her a reassuring smile. “Of course. Come on, I’ll pour if for you myself if you’d like.”

Karen watched them, unsure what to make of this sudden change.

“You’re crazy, you know, Connor.” Her voice sounded unsteady even to her own ears, but she had to say it. “I’m not going to beg you for your cock, as wonderful as I’m sure it is.”

“I know you won’t, Karen. You’re a tough girl, and you think you don’t like cocks, so it makes sense that you’d be able to hold off. Even if I could convince you that I’m a better lay than you think, you wouldn’t admit it to me just to protect your pride.”

“That’s not—”

“I’m not finished.” Connor levelled a look at her and she realized with a start that he was being completely serious. “I think it’s going to take time. I’m not going to fuck you until you ask me to, of course. That would be the most vicious sort of behavior, don’t you think?”

“I’m glad that you’re finally seeing reason, at least,” she snorted. Somehow the entire situation seemed unreal, as if he were pulling her leg and at any moment he’d break and laugh.

“But that doesn’t mean that you’re off the hook, either. After all, I’ve got you under my thumb, haven’t I?”

Karen’s face dropped. What was that supposed to mean, exactly? What was he planning for her? And what on earth could she do to stop it, to convince him that it was a bad idea?

While her mind raced, Connor poured a glass of champagne for Liz. “I’m sorry, sweetheart, I didn’t catch your name.”

“L—Liz. Elizabeth.”

“I’m sorry Elizabeth, you’ve really gotten caught up in something that’s probably much scarier than you’d like. But I can promise you, you’re completely in no danger. Nobody’s going to come after you. You don’t have to be scared.”

The girl broke down a little bit with a loud sob, then swallowed her fear. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know that she—I didn’t know. It’s not—”

“There, there. I know you didn’t. You didn’t do anything wrong, okay?”

His hand slid up and down her shoulder reassuringly. Karen watched them, alone with her thoughts. She couldn’t exactly see a way out of it. Not if she wanted to keep her wife out of things, not if she wanted to avoid scandal.

But then again, shouldn’t Connor want the same things? Shouldn’t he have been thinking of the business first? Why was he acting like this, so strangely? Was he going to jeopardize everything for a fuck? He wouldn’t. There must have been some card up his sleeve, something that she wasn’t seeing.

She had always been a better business mind. He was the gambler, but he gambled smart, and his gambles paid off. It’s why they’d been able to rise to such meteoric heights so quickly. If he was going to bet his entire reputation, the company’s entire reputation, then he must have had an ace in the hole.

That’s what worried her more than anything else. She wasn’t interested in him. He might as well have said that she was going to beg to be showered in cum on a porn set. There was just no way. But what worried her was the angle. If she didn’t see it, then that meant that she couldn’t possibly predict how effective it was going to be.

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The Blackmail Bet 1 (Can He Make Her Beg?) (The Billionaire’s Lesbian Toy)

Wealthy, Young, Sexy: You’ll wish you were her when you see what happens next.

Karen Li is like a secret ingredient. She doesn’t have the glitz and glamour of her boss, the CEO of RadCorp.

But she’s always been the woman he turned to when he needed advice, and the two of them made it the towering powerhouse that it is today together.

She’s a lesbian, of course, and married to boot to a frigid ice queen who drives her to adultery. Totally off limits. When she gets caught bringing a girl back to her office for some late-night fun, he makes a “friendly” bet with her.

All she has to do now is resist his charms for a few short weeks, and play along so he doesn’t tell her wife–and ruin her reputation–in the process.



Karen had always appreciated her position at RadCorp. They had gotten more and more successful, and she had made more and more money. She had an office, she had a place where she could crash, she got to talk about how involved she was. At the same time, Connor ran the day-to-day business. Their private meetings to discuss strategy came out as decisions that Connor had made by himself.

It allowed her a degree of privacy and freedom in her personal life that might have been difficult for a woman otherwise. That was what allowed her to keep her hair cropped close, like a boy’s. A signal to everyone that saw her exactly who and what she was interested in.

She smiled at the sound of the music banging around her. It was distracting, but she was used to that. Distracting was common. She told herself she’d come here for music, but as she danced she knew it wasn’t true. She was here because Diane was being a piece of shit, and because as the second most powerful member of the Forbes 50th most successful new company, she had certain advantages.

One of those advantages was rubbing a pair of breasts against her right now. Karen smiled and wrapped her arms around her anonymous lover, drawing her close and pressing her lips against the girl’s neck. The girl walked off in a drug-and-lights-induced stupor.

It had been a long time since she’d been out like this. A longer time than she wanted to admit, but a shorter time than perhaps it should have been. They’d only recently legalized gay marriage, of course she and Diane had taken advantage right away. They’d been together for years, a fixture in their community.

They’d already grown past the point of having the wild, nasty sex romps that she wanted. Diane had her books and her museum work. Karen had her job—and, whether she liked it or not, she had this. She scanned the crowd with her eyes. Someone here would be a good choice. It was only a matter of finding them and bringing them back with her.

She slipped off the floor. It was fun, but it wasn’t what she wanted. She moved up to the counter and ordered something brightly colored. A neon-blue drink came across the counter and she waited for someone to notice it as she sipped. It was sweet and fruity and it wasn’t long before a man came over with an intensity in his eyes as he looked at her.

“I like your hair,” he said softly.

Karen reached up and ran her fingers through it. It was shorter than the man standing before her, whose hair fell into his eyes. One of those kinds, then. “I’m not interested.”

“Don’t be like that.”

“I’m not interested in guys.” It was only mostly true. She’d found a few guys attractive, once or twice. She had to admit that Connor had a well-built body, and she had even dated one once, for the span of a few short days. They’d gone home and she’d learned how the parts fit together. She had decided that she wasn’t comfortable with it, not like she was with women, and that was the end of it.

“Okay, okay. I get it.”

The guy raised his hands defensively and backed off. Karen took another sip of her drink. A woman saddled up beside her and ordered a screwdriver.

“Hey.” Karen didn’t like approaching people. Sometimes when you wanted to get things done, though, you had to do them yourself.

The woman turned and smiled at her. Karen wasn’t sure if it was intended to look friendly or if the woman realized that she was putting forth a sexual image. It didn’t matter, though. She had fewer reservations than her friend about convincing women of the advantages of the fairer sex—and fewer about fucking them silly. “Hi.”

“I’m having a little party back at my office. There’s going to be free drinks, does that sound like your kind of thing?” Karen made sure to give her a sexual glance.

“What kind of party?”

“Very intimate. Only me and a couple friends.”

“A couple of friends, huh?” The woman waggled her eyebrows.

“At least one acquaintance, if you’re there.”

“Just the two of us, huh? Where do you work?”

“You’ll see. I wouldn’t want to scare you off!”

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